How to Write a Poem in a Single Sitting, a poem by Michael Channing

How to Write a Poem in a Single Sitting

by Michael Channing

change the font to times new roman
size to 12
curse defaults
spacing to whatever
double or single
why the fuck is 1.15 even an option
accidentally center then bring it back
suppress orphans whatever that means
crack your knuckles
pray for insight
play metallica
hear a podcast
read a poem
read another
crack knuckles again
how did you forget coffee
text mom
facebook bob
check your insights
play metallica
close eyes
forget all this
focus on something that matters not to anyone but to you only
it’s there
in the silence
in the cold water well
where you sunk enough pennies to raise the level
and splash a little over the side

Defies the Empty Page

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