Hard to Find by Michael Channing

Hard to Find

by Michael Channing

i will never be a rich man
but i can give you poetry
i can write you worlds
i am not a particularly strong man
there will be lions i can't conquer
but you will never know a cold or empty night
i will sometimes make mistakes
i will always admit to them
i'm not very good at being on time
i stop to play or lie down among the roots
to offer up a thank you
you should come with me
we'll play in the river and pray in the trees
i am far from fashionable
i dress as i've dressed since i could dress myself
i own several ties i've never worn
i treasure simple moments
and i never throw anything away
i am often profane
occasionally profound
i am a good man
in fact i'm one of the best

Hello, My Name is Michael

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